Customer Reviews & Testimonials

"Great place. Owner very friendly and helpful. Brought mower in - couldn't pull cord to start it. Owner fixed it in the parking lot and didn't charge me a dime. I was there two years ago and also had a positive experience. Will go back the next time I have a problem."  

- Pennie D.   


"I have been a loyal customer to Metuchen Mower for over 25 years and have purchased snow blowers, weed wackers, blowers, snapper lawn mowers and most recently a wright 32" stander riding mower. They have always been fair with the price and have helped me when a piece of equipment needs repair. When you buy power equipment from Metuchen Mower regardless of what brand they sell, they stand behind their product and will do whatever possible to correct a problem if it arises.   

I highly recommend Metuchen Mower power equipment over products from Home Depot, Lowes, or Sears to name a few. What you pay for is what you get. Cheaper is not always better its the quality and dependibility of the product that counts."   

Steven W.

"Located them online, called the number about a leaf blower and I hit some really good info on the blower and the best price possible. They beat all others by about $50.00 and made my day and leaf season a lot easier."

- Keith C.


"Recently, all the wheels on my 4-year old Honda mower needed a complete replacement. Also, after commenting that my mower did not shut down properly using the throttle lever, I was told that it probably needed only a minor adjustment to it. Within 4 days, I had my mower back working like a brand new machine again! And I was only charged for work relating to the wheels replacements - labor and parts. More importantly, my interaction with the store's two repair mechanics was positive - with both being knowledgeable, understanding, helpful, courteous and reassuring to me - during my contact with them before and after the repair of my mower. Being that this was my first experience with Metuchen Mower and it turned out to be a positive one, I feel that I can rely on them for any future work to be performed on my mower and at a reasonable cost as well." 

- Wai M.


"Being new to the area and needing my rider serviced I tried with Metuchen Mower. I've been extremely satisfied with their service, knowledge, and professionalism."  

- Jared B.