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2018 Wright Stander ZK 61 61E8

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Stander ZK 61 61E8



  • Operator Controls: UNKNOWN
  • Hour Meter: UNKNOWN
  • Engine Model: 6100000000
  • Engine Hp: 37 hp
  • Engine Start Type: Electric
  • Max Acres Per Hour: UNKNOWN
  • Fuel Capacity: UNKNOWN gal.
  • Forward Speed: UNKNOWN
  • Reverse Speed: UNKNOWN
  • Drive System Type: UNKNOWN
  • Drive System Motor: UNKNOWN
  • Drive System Pump: UNKNOWN
  • Drive System Transaxle: UNKNOWN
  • Drive System Transmission: UNKNOWN
  • Blade Length: UNKNOWN
  • Blade Qty: UNKNOWN
  • Deck Configuration: UNKNOWN
  • Deck Discharge: Side Discharge
  • Deck Lift System: UNKNOWN
  • Deck Size: 61 in.
  • Deck Steel Gauge: UNKNOWN
  • Deck Spindle: UNKNOWN
  • Deck Style: Floating
  • Deck Type: Floating-side discharge
  • Deck Cut Height Max: UNKNOWN in.
  • Deck Cut Height Min: UNKNOWN in.
  • Length: UNKNOWN in.
  • Width Deflector Down: UNKNOWN
  • Width Deflector Up: UNKNOWN in.
  • Weight: 1124 lb.
  • Caster Tire Type: UNKNOWN
  • Caster Tire Diameter: UNKNOWN in.
  • Caster Tire Width: UNKNOWN in.
  • Caster Wheel Rim Diameter: UNKNOWN in.
  • Rear Tire Ply: UNKNOWN
  • Rear Rim Diameter: UNKNOWN in.
  • Rear Tire Diameter: UNKNOWN in.
  • Rear Tire Width: UNKNOWN in.
Key Features
  • Compact machine design enables closer edges, tighter turns, and less used space on a trailer.
  • Stand on interface gives the ability to quickly get on and off the mower, crouch under overhead obstacles, and see more with a clear 360 degree field of vision.
  • The design of the hydraulic and electrical systems gives anyone quick access to critical components for easier maintenance.
  • Low operator position close to the center of the machine improves traction, stability, and safety across various terrains.
  • Enjoy our most powerful range of cutter deck sizes, 52 to 72 inches, to get through those rugged and large areas fast.



Horse Power
37 hp
Engine Type


Deck Size
61 in.
Discharge Type
Side Discharge


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